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We were made perfectly. So let’s help our body, mind and soul get back to that place.

Hello and welcome…

… to my little part of the world. A place where you can hang out a while and learn how we’ve all been truly Blessed By Nature. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience what it’s like to tap into what we’ve been given by our Creator, and enjoy the best health ever?

Come peek inside. You probably wouldn’t even be here if you weren’t looking for answers about the basics of holistic/naturopathic health. You’re here to find out if you can actually feel better, every day, without side effects.

You’re in a safe place.

Let’s work together to improve your health.

~ Cathy Atkinson, ND

My services.

Premium Package

Holistic health basics plus guidance and support for your unique and specific health challenges.

90 Day Program Includes:

6 sessions / twice a month
(in office or via Zoom)


Digital Pulsewave Analysis
(in person only)

Saliva Samples
(in person or via mail)

Total Body Analysis
(in person or via Zoom)


15 Minute

45 Minute
Mini Consultations

60-90 Minute
Inital Consultations

60-90 Minute
Follow Up Consultations

Intuitively you know your body is self-healing and self-regulating if you treat it right. 

Specialty supplements.

Blessed by Nature™ Brand

Blessed by Nature™ Brand
Manufacturing is done using one of several State Inspected cGMP Labs. Each raw material and each product goes through extensive testing. Of utmost importance are quality ingredients, efficacious doses, comprehensive testing, quality control and company integrity.

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Cardio Care
Cardio Care is the ultimate Nitric Oxide product and provides not only L-Arginine, but also L-Citruline and an abundance of antioxidants. You are assured of maximum Nitric Oxide production for support of health cardiovascular function.

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Pure Herbs

This is a ‘membership only’ company and you buy what you want and need. As a member, you can buy your products at a 25% discount from retail price. Please list me, Cathy Atkinson, ND, as your sponsor and I can help you from there.

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From my clients.

“I’ve known and have been seeing Cathy for over 20 years. She has helped me in every way possible inside and out. Cathy makes sure she attends to your needs and what your body tells her it needs help with. She suggests what is needed she doesn’t push anything on you. Cathy also explains what everything is and what it will do for you.

Cathy gets to know her clients personally and makes them feel comfortable to open up to talk about anything that is going wrong or issues you have. I enjoy my time with Cathy because when I leave I know that my worries were addressed and I’ll soon be feeling better.”

~ Amandalei Willibey 

“I have known Cathy for over 25 years. She is very caring and will make you feel like a special person. She realizes we all have unique needs and meets those individual needs. I always feel better after a visit with her. My health improves every time.”

~ Peg Brown

“I’ve been on your cardio product for the past year, love it, and don’t want to be without it. I only wish I had known about you sooner before I had to have bypass surgery, thyroid removal, intestinal surgeries, and other health problems.

~ E. Crowfoot

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Experience what it’s like to feel better, every day, without side effects.

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